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For this to happen, it can be argued that the judge needs to be able to relate to the person and truly understand the implications. I take judge-made law as one of the existing realities of life. Were I called upon to decide whether the people had best be omitted in the legislative or judiciary department, I would say it is better to leave them out of the legislative.

As Jefferson had warned: On the other hand, if an individual is appointed rather than elected, his personal beliefs might remain unknown to the public until they manifest themselves in harmful judicial decisions. Engelhart firmly believed corruption is inextricably attached to the money inherent to politics.

Instead, they are violating one of its most sacred principles: As the twentieth century began, however, criticisms of judicial elections began to build.

These tags are automatically generated. Arguments in favor of electing judges Supporters of judicial elections still cite two of the original arguments from the early 19th century: In contested races, judicial candidates make public the beliefs of their opponents, thus allowing citizens the opportunity to make informed decisions about those whom they want to sit on the bench.

Senate seat they were destined to lose. The folly of this proposal is made clear both by history as well as the lessons of other States that have adopted such a plan.

Secondly, a judge must be open minded. However it did not solve the fundamental problem of judicial elections: Judges facing regular elections would not have rendered decisions that ignored such clear legislative language not to mention basic math or the common meaning of words.

This is the method followed by the federal government as mandated by the United States Constitutionand by eleven states. However, what took up the vast majority of the ballot were the myriad judicial contests.

How Should Judges Be Appointed?

There are people who argue that electing judges from a general pool of people who want to run is pure democracy. Search Do you think judges should be appointed or elected.

Discrimination in the court room is in theory prohibited however in practice it is very much visible. Furthermore, these appointed judges would have at least four uninterrupted, unrestrained years before they would face voters for the first time in a retention election — and even at that time, there would be no opponent to remind voters of egregious decisions.

The offences to which the power of impeachment has been and is ordinarily applied.

How Should Judges Be Appointed?

In fact, why would anyone even propose a system to give additional insulation to judges. Studies have shown that decisions made in court are dependent upon the experiences and backgrounds of both the jury members and of the judge.

Carol Bayless; 95 Cr. This method was adopted by twenty states in the s, and—as noted above—it is still the method used by seventeen states. Arguments opposed to electing judges Opponents of judicial elections cite three primary objections.

How Should Judges Be Appointed. In the Supreme Court itself, the most of the judges serve for decades, yet there are times when the judge is too old and weak to serve their best in court.

And what did the Framers believe were impeachable offenses. NY, ; see also the joint statement issued by current and former chief-judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in response to widespread calls from several public officials for the impeachment of federal judge Frank Baer, Jr.

From the county courts to the state Supreme Court, every judge must pick a party and face the voters. Then there is the issue of local control. Most of the time, judges are appointed for their entire life and are appointed by the President.

Although federal judges were appointed and did not face election, the Founders made certain that federal judges would be easily removable from office through impeachment, a procedure that today is widely misunderstood and rarely used.

Horwitz is a government junior from Houston. From a historical perspective, the Founders of our country held succinct opinions on this issue.

“That judges should be separate from politics, that judges should be doing something other than voting with public opinion or voting because of partisanship—that core idea of judicial independence animates the story all the way through,” he says.

“It was a real surprise to me. Should judges be elected or appointed? Judges should be appointed using a judicial selection commission that evaluates and recommends individuals to. and write an essay answering the following questions:How well does the racial and gender composition of the judiciary reflect the demographics of the state's population?Should judges be elected or appointed?

For the purpose of this essay, I shall be arguing that judges should be appointed based mostly on life experience and relativity.

Of course a standard law degree and a solid understanding of the law is necessary but that goes without saying. Although federal judges were appointed and did not face election, the Founders made certain that federal judges would be easily removable from office through impeachment, a procedure that today is widely misunderstood and rarely used.

The question of electing judges or appointing judges has had a long bumpy road in Illinois history. Over the last Twenty years the voters of the state of Illinois have been asked several times to vote on the constitutional proposal changing the judicial selection process.

Should judges be appointed essay
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